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Jane: Chicago's Underground Abortion Service


This exhibit explores Jane, a female-led, underground abortion clinic in Chicago from 1969-1973. Through the story of Jane, this exhibit focuses on the development of a feminist collective amongst Jane members as the service evolved from referring women to medical practitioners for abortions to providing abortions that were performed by members of the Jane service.  

U.S Debates Around Female Genital Cutting: The Female Genital Mutilation Act of 1996

Ms Magazine 1996 Comic .jpg

This exibit examines the sensationalization of female genital cutting in Ms. magazine publications leading up to the Female Genital Mutilation Act passed by the U.S. federal government in 1996. 

Roe v. Wade and its Immediate Impact


Roe v. Wade is often regarded as a landmark US Supreme Court decision as it decriminalized abortion. This research seeks to analyze how effective the Roe decision was and what this meant for the abortion movement. 

The Modern American Anti-Abortion Movement

March for Life at the White House- Library of Congress, LC-DIG-ppmsca-40975.jpg

Today public support for Roe V Wade, (the supreme court case legalizing abortion) is higher than at any other point in American History. Although puzzlingly the scope of a women’s right to an abortion has consistently been limited. In 2019 alone 15 states attempted to ban abortion after six weeks, which essentially makes it impossible to obtain an abortion. How is it that a women’s constitutional right to abortion is increasingly supported, but at the same time increasingly difficult to obtain? One dominant factor in this is the work of the anti-abortion movement.

Feminist Protest and the 1970 Congressional Hearings on the Birth Control Pill

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This exhibit explores the congressional hearings surrounding oral contraception in the United States during the 1960-1970s and how the lack of information caused protest which resulted in the demand for informed consent in women’s reproductive health.

Judy Chicago and the Impact of the Feminist Art Movement

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This exhibit will discuss the history and impact of feminist artist Judy Chicago's iconic 1979 work The Dinner Party and explore how it relates to the broader Second Wave Feminist movement. 

Barbara Ferraro & Patricia Hussey: Two Nuns' Journey With Reproductive Rights


This exhibit discusses two Catholic nuns, Barbara Ferraro & Patricia Hussey, as they fought for a woman’s right to choose and against some aspects of Catholic doctrine.

Margaret Sanger, Birth Control and Poor Women

Margaret Sanger Primary Source.jpg

This exhibit looks into the beginning of the birth control movement by examining how poor women accessed to birth control through Margaret Sanger's Brownsville clinic.