History 4I03 Fall 2019: Reproductive Justice

In the fall of 2019, I worked with the senior class in HIS 4I03: Women and Social Movements in the United States at McMaster University take on the triple challenge of pursuing linked research projects in the research area of women and reproductive justice in the United States, of turning those research projects into online OMEKA exhibits, and of hosting a research conference at which they shared their research with the wider university community.  The students and I were guided, throughout, by Dr. Amanda Montague, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship at McMaster.  The exhibits linked from this page (see the Browse Tab) were created out of class discussion and reading combined with the students' individual research.  The students did extensive peer-editing, and supported each other in the technical tasks of creating these exhibits.  At the end-of-term research conference, students in 4I03 were joined by colleagues from three other senior seminars for a morning of research presentations. I would like to thank the students - Rachel Manes, Julianna Vanderlinde, Martin Salciccioli, Mary McCoy, Romina Campanella, William Foley, Mikaela Kucharczuk, Tania Robinson - for one of the best teaching experiences of my career.

In the spring of 2020, Mikaela Kucharczuk added an additional exhibit as part of her course work for HIS 3WW3.  You can find her project on post-WWII Japanese War Brides in the US at the end of the Browse list.

Dr. Karen Balcom